Having neutral tones in the home can be safe and ensures your decor nearly never goes out of style. However, sometimes with a change of season, it can make us want to mix things up a bit. Coming into Spring, a great change would be to add some colour, but sometimes it can be daunting to incorporate! So we thought we would inspire you with couple of good tips to get you started.


1. Start with a rug with some colour

This can be a great first step as it doesn't need to be too bold, but just a touch of colour and adds some texture to your space. It is also useful to then pick out some hero colours to highlight other decor.

2. Choose accessories with a bit of colour

These can be similar colours to those found in the rug, colours that simply compliment it, or something completely different but that you feel work in your space. Sometimes colours can simply go together if they're in the same theme e.g. Scandinavian or Coastal.

This tip is also great as accessories are not too much of an investment and you can change it up when a new season comes along or you feel your decor has become tired.

3. Incorporate flowers and plants 

This will give the space an organic feel, and will also give some natural colour. Plants can also be easily changed around so you don't have to commit to one colour in one location. Plants and flowers can also help give a room a sense of calmness and are of course great for your health.  

Houseplants are very good for your health but also your wellbeing. Studies have proven that indoor plants improve upon concentration, productivity, stress and also boost your mood - making them not only perfect for your home but your workspace too.  

4. Add some artwork

Like the rug, this doesn't have to be too bold, but just something that adds a bit of colour to the room. You can find cost effective artwork, local art or indigenous art which is a great talking point. Art is also a good option if you are quite a minimalist in the other areas of your home.

5. Textiles

Another great option is to add colourful cushions and throws. A throw can  be draped over a couch or chair, and looks quite effortless but is very effective - adding texture and variation. This is easy to change up if you prefer something different later on.

Cushions are also a great way to add a touch of colour and some texture which can compliment other colours or textures in the room. They can also be changed easily and are affordable, which is great for when you feel like freshening up your space down the track!

6. Statement Piece

You may elect to add a statement piece in the room which can sometimes be a bit bold, but has a great effect. It can still be an earthy tone if your house is quite neutral and still be eye catching. This could be a chair, a side table, an artwork or an armchair etc.

7. Soft Tones

When choosing your colour, you don't always have to go bold, you can start with softer tones and won't feel too out of place. Then when you feel a bit more comfortable, you can slowly start to add more bold pieces which go back with the softer tones.


We hope this has given you some good tips to start bringing some colour into your space!